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I sing with young children almost everyday. I tell people that I love to sing and I love children, so I don’t have to say that in every way, I love what I do. I have sung for an audience of one child to an audience of more than a 100. My audiences include anywhere from babies to young elementary children. I have learned from my five years of experience what children love and enjoy. I don’t just have children sing, although I can tell you what songs they know and are able to sing, but I am about moving. Little children love songs that invite them to move. I have made this the the standard for most every song I write or sing. So often people try to write or sing songs for children that are solely about the quality of the musical arrangement or songs that educate them about something. Although there are some wonderful songs out there in these categories, they are not necessarily the songs that young children enjoy most. They have to meet my criteria of movement and fun. If they can incorporate those, they might just make it as a song that a child will love. I have put my experience and love together on my CD, Color Songs: Songs for Children. Children love it! I am working on my second CD which I hope to see completed by January 2014. And then there is me. Well, kids enjoy me! Without the singing, I still feel like Santa Claus. They know I am a person who loves them and is ready to have fun. I do shows so feel free ask.

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Meet Dennis!

Teaching Rhythm to Babies, Toddlers, and Preschoolers

I sing with babies, toddlers and preschoolers almost everyday, and one thing I understand as a music teacher is that there is one serious deal breaker to learning music: that is the inability to feel a beat or the failure to understand rhythm. A person can play notes that he reads even if his pitch is not perfect. He will probably eventually learn to
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Stick Activities with Toddlers and Preschoolers

Using two simple wooden sticks can be such a wonderful source of learning and entertainment for toddlers and preschoolers. Getting them to clap or directly work with their bodies is one new thing they are learning to do, but adding an external object is a little tougher. This takes more coordination on their part. Young children are very quickly gaining hand eye coordination skills
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